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Beginning Magic, Tricks You Can Do

1.  The "I" Can, Fortune Telling Fish, Knott Fishing
2.  Recycle Man
3.  Traveling Loops
4.  Rubber Pencil, Disappearing Pencil
5.  Bill and Paper Clips
6.  Coin Through Elbow
7.  Amazing Aces Card Trick     
     Watch Video
8.  Prediction Ticks with Numbers    
     Watch Video
9.  Disappearing Bunnies
10.  Torn & Restored Paper Towel

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Walk Around Magic for Kids, Card Tricks Just Don't Cut It

1.  Cups and Balls
2.  Farm Charm Bracelet    
     Watch Video
3.  Batteries Are Included
4.  Money
5.  Box of Beads
6.  ABC Bag or Bag of Loops
7.  The Troll House    
     Watch Video
8.  Prediction Bag
9.  Coloring Book & Chickens

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13 Spiritual Object Lessons Using Everyday Items, Volume 1

1.  A Net  Matthew 13:47
2.  Map (Atlas)  John 14:6
3.  Big Pocket Watch  Matthew 25:13
4.  Crown  2 Timothy 4:8
5.  Sneakers  Isaiah 40:30-31
6.  Empty Box  Matthew 28:5-6
7.  Comet Cleanser  1 John 1:7
8.  Time Magazine  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
9.  Keys  Matthew 16:15-19
10.  Flashlight  Matthew 5:14-16
11.  Calendar  Hebrews 13:8
12.  Energizer Bunny or Batteries  (KJV) Genesis 2:7
13.  Table

Watch Video of #3 and #12

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13 Spiritual Object Lessons Using Everyday Items, Volume 2

1.  Treasure Chest  Matthew 6:19-21
2.  Old Record  Psalms 149:1
3.  Mirror  2 Corinthians 3:18
4.  Band-Aid  Luke 5:31-32
5.  Box of Salt  Matthew 5:13
6.  Packets of Seeds  Mark 4:1-25
7.  Magnifying Glass  Psalms 149:3
8.  Hershey's Kisses  1 Corinthians 16:20
9.  Box of Crayons  Matthew 16:15-19
10.  Armor & Sword  Ephesians 6:10-17
11.  Lamp  Matthew 25:1-13
12.  Hard Hat & Tool Box  Matthew 7:24-27
13.  A Gift Box  Matthew 7:9-11, Romans 6:2

Watch Video of #6 and #10

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Elijah on Mount Carmel

Join Michael T as he portrays Elijah on Mount Carmel.  Michael T is a professional magician, motivational speaker, and ordained minister.  He travels throughout America and around the World, entertaining and challenging audiences in churches, schools, service organizations, corporations and back yards.

Watch Video Clip of Michael T as Elijah

1 DVD - $20.00 Including Shipping
2 DVDs - $35.00 Including Shipping
3 DVDs - $47.50 Including Shipping
4 DVDs - $60.00 Including Shipping
Elijah on Mount Carmel - $15.00 Including Shipping


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Michael T's
Marvelous Mailorder Magic Kit
Contains 10 great tricks that Michael T. uses in his closeup act.  Fun to learn and amazing to watch.  Practice and Enjoy!

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The Cups and Balls
3 cups and 3 balls are shown, one by one a ball is placed on the upside-down cup and covered by the other two cups.  After the magic words, one by one each ball penetrates and is found under the 1st cup.  This continues until all 3 balls are found under the 1st cup.  A Miracle!

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3 Card Monte
3 cards are shown, 2 of like suit and one odd or different suit in the middle of the 2 of like suit.  The odd (middle) card is pulled out face down on the table.  After the magic words, the card is turned over and is revealed as a new card to match the other 2 of like suit.  WOW!

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Farm Charm
A cute bracelet with Mr. and Mrs. Farmer and 4 of their animals is displayed.  A prediction in a bag is held by a spectator.  Another spectator is asked to think of a number between 1 and 6.  Now mater what number is chosen, the prediction is always correct.  FUN, FUN, FUN!

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Ropes of Gold
Three ropes are shown, and then tied to create three small loops.  When the loops are tossed into the air, they magically combine into one large loop.

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Batteries are Included
Seven Batteries are shown and a concealed prediction is held by a spectator.   One by one the batteries are eliminated, until only one remains, which matches the predicted battery.  COOL!

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Lantern Prediction


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Michael T's Tummy ToppersChild Size -$8.00
Adult Size - $10.00
Bibs Manufactured and Created by J.J.

Michael T. and Logan Busey from Bedington Elementary School modeling "Michael T's Tummy Toppers"

Printable Order Form Coming Soon

How can I contact Michael T.?

Michael T. Myers
P.O. Box 2955
Martinsburg, WV 25402

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