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Michael T announces the publication of his latest book

About the author

"Michael T" Myers is a graduate of Hagerstown Community College and Shepherd
University.  He is a Magician, Minister, Motivational Speaker, Emcee, Hypnotherapist,
Teacher, Poet, WV Auctioneer #1704 and now a Children's Author.  Michael T. lives
in Falling Waters, WV with his beautiful wife, J.J.  As an educator,
Michael T. likes to
teach with everything he does.  His newest book, "The Land of the 5R's" 
is a reflection
of his lifelong belief that the path to success and happiness is through paying attention
in school,
taking responsibility for our actions, and respecting others.

Michael T's first book, "Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches" was motivated by his wife who is certified in applied clinical nutrition.  She always encourages him to eat each meal smarter.  With childhood obesity in the news, Michael T thought "Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches" would be a fun project to help children learn a better way to eat and live healther.  You can find a review of "Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches" here.
Michael T's second Book, "Oh, Yes I Can!" reflects his lifelong belief that each person has the ability to be anything, as long as they are willing to work hard, respect others, including God and always say "Oh, Yes I Can!"  Please Enjoy.

Copies of  "The Land of the 5R's", "Oh, Yes I Can!" and "Jelly Bean Soup
and Grilled Candy Sandwiches"
can be purchased for $10.00 each plus shipping

Michael T. will autograph them at no additional cost.  Click HERE to print a copy of the order form.

Mail orders to:
Michael T. Myers
P.O. Box 2955
Martinsburg, WV 25402

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