Who is Michael T?


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Just Who is this Man we Call Michael T.?

Michael T. Myers is a native of a rural area near the historic Civil War Antietam Battlefield.  His degree in English, Speech, Drama and Broadcasting, has been a strong foundation for his career.  Michael T is a registered, certified Hypnotherapist, an ordained minister, professional magician, master of ceremonies, motivational speaker and for almost 6 years the TV host of NBC 25's Classified Ad-Libs.  As Master of Ceremonies, Michael T. has performed for school pageants, beauty pageants and scholarship pageants including Miss Hawaiian Tropic and preliminaries for the Miss America Pageant as well as Body Building championships all over the east coast.

Michael T. and his wife Jeanette live in Falling Waters, West Virginia where they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren; Megan, Logan, Justin, Isaiah, and Aaron.


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